We are building an MVP for Mirakl and Amazon FBA integration through API, to automate workflows that small and medium sized companies may be doing manually today.
1. Automatic fulfilment of orders + tracking # on Mirakl
2. Automatic invoice generation on Mirakl orders

3. Optimized sales reports across mirakl marketplaces

We are looking for POC partners. 10 spots open

Developed by users, for users - we know your pain

Years of working in the e-commerce multi-channel industry has given us a bucket list of things that could be done smarter. Now we are on a mission to get it done.


Increase the fulfilment speed and reliablity by automating it with our API solution from Mirakl directly to Amazon FBA. Reduce late orders and penalties from your Mirakl Seller account, and sleep safe at night.

Auto Generate Invoices

Be one step ahead of the regulatory requirements that more marketplaces put for sellers on their platform. Automate invoice generation for each order, with local VAT rates auto calculated for you. 

Sales Reporting

Listing products on 10+ mirakl based platforms can easily give your administrative colleages grey hair, when you ask them to report weekly and monthly sales information. Free up their time to do more value added work.

Always striving to learn and improve 

The Acomult team was selected to participate in the #5th cohort of the the Danish Accelerator "Beyond Beta", in Q4 2022, which is supported by the Danish Board of Business Development and the European Union. This helps us get access to experienced mentors who can guide us to the next level. Read more about it here:

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What Our Clients Say

We currently have two companies on-boarded for our Proof of Concept.
Hear what they have to say, from both a business and administrative point of view:

"We are selling on multiple large marketplace platforms that use the Mirakl system. As a small seller, we experience increasing demands for compliance with quality metrics, such as fast order handling, customer serivce and invoice generation. Whenever our 1 guy handling this goes on vacation, we struggle to meet required demands, and risk being thrown out. We want a solution to automate this."

Alfonso Chen
Business Developer, Deepblu

"Reliance on Amazon is increasingly seen as a risk to our sales operations, which sparked our investments into other channels. We are now on 10+ Mirakl based platforms, and I waste many hours weekly to generate sales reports from each, to our sales managers. If I could have the reports in one place, across the channels, it could easily save me 10 hours a month. We do not have developers in-house to help"

Yan Liu
Office Manager, Deep Nordic

Compare Our Packages

We are early in defining our pricing and packages - Join our Proof of concept development initiative and get access to a special low cost plan - limited spots for 10 first partners we work with. Reach out to our email if interested. 

Startup Tier


Dashboard access
View summary of operations
30 orders automated / month

Small Business

/order fulfilled automatically


30 orders automated / month

30 invoices generated for free

Email and Chat support

Large Biz


Large BIZ

Unlimited Orders Automated

Unlimited order report

Unlimited invoices generated

Email, Chat, Phone support

Do you have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is work in progress as we build out our solution and we get to know your unique set of challenges that our solution should factor in.

What size companies fit this?

We are currently solving for companies with 100 monthly orders. We can not guarantee if there will be any issues scaling beyond this, but reach out to us and let us test it out together. We can guarantee a no cure no pay model. 

Who else does this?

We have been in dialogue with marketplace operators, asking for solutions to our problems, as well as searching on search engines, but we have not been able to identify any existing solutions for this specific case. 

What platforms are supported?

We are currently focusing primarily on building a solution that is robust and scaleable for Mirakl, using Amazon FBA as the fulfilment partner. This is baed on the cirucmstances and needs of the companies that signed up for our POC. 

What is the value proposition?

We are building this solution to help companies using Mirakl to save time on fulfilment, customer service (invoicing) and reporting. A lot of these activities are handled manually by an individual or more, but we think automation is the key.

What do we need to provide?

You will need to provide the Mirakl API key, and once our public developer application has been approved by Amazon, you can authorize our app access to your seller account. For reports, talk with us what you need, and we can customize it for you.

Can you customize for us?

Yes, we are open to look for custom software development work that is in line with the general direction of this solution. So do you need automation of workflow processes on other platforms, or to your ERP system, then we can do this too. 

Who We Are

Our Team

The Acomult team consist of a small team that has deep technical competencies to develop the technical solutions, as well as experience with multi-channel e-commerce operations.